Mishmak Youth Theatre is a new and innovative theatre school for young people aged between 5 and 19 years old. It offers training and classes in singing, dance and drama on Saturdays during school term time. Our focus is on performance, we perform 2 of our own shows per year, one at Christmas and one in July at the Secombe Theatre, Sutton.

We have also performed at the London Youth Games (Crystal Palace); the Arts Network Sutton Launch; the Sutton Christmas Lights Switch On; a video campaign for Fearless (Crimestoppers) and music videos. As part of Big Dance 2014, our younger members performed at Big Dance Bus Sutton while our older members performed (in association with Siobhan Davies Dance Studio and the National Theatre’s Watch This Space) in Routes to the River on the south bank.

We were originally based at the Secombe Theatre in Sutton when we opened in January 2010 but our quick expansion meant that we had to find a new home. We are now very happy to be based at Greenshaw High School. The school provides us with excellent and plentiful rehearsal spaces, a mirrored-wall dance studio, ample parking for drop off and pick up and a lovely welcoming atmosphere. 

Mishmak teachers are professional actors, singers and dancers which gives the children a wonderful and unique opportunity to work with talented individuals with a real insight into the worlds of theatre, television and music. The staff are active professionals who have valid and current experience. Mishmak also employs people who teach drama in schools during the week and love teaching at Mishmak at the weekends for the freedom and focus on performance that it provides. This mixture of teaching staff is something else that makes us unique.



Mishmak’s company mission or vision is that we allow every single child the opportunity to grow and shine. There are no favourites. This is very different from a lot of stage schools, where they basically pick their favourites (normally children with the most ability already) and then everyone else has to wait for a chorus number!

We are looking to nurture talent; self confidence; public speaking; pride; social and spacial awareness; self esteem; respect and respectful behaviour; following dreams; realising individual goals; working as part of a team; creating a safe and happy environment; examining and exploring emotions and motivations; fitness and wellbeing and learning through active fun.

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